Discover the lineup of speakers at Epsilon Connect 2024, who will share their insights and lead conversations on what it means to be human in the age of AI.

Adam Butler

Adam is CIO of ReSolve Asset Management. ReSolve specializes in systematic global macro (futures), and advises mutual funds, ETFs and performance funds in Canada, US and internationally. Adam is a prolific author of financial articles and papers on quantitative finance, and author of Adaptive Asset Allocation: Dynamic Global Portfolios to Profit in Good Times and Bad (Wiley 2016).

Adam Shields

Adam lives in Indianapolis and likes gardening, coaching soccer, problem solving, and metaphysics,but struggles with things like small talk, time management, and writing bios. Theday job is developing products used in cell and genetherapy manufacturing; before that it was applied physics and biomedical engineering.

Andrew Smith Lewis

Andrew is the founder and CEO of Alai Studios, where he leads a multidisciplinary team focused on using AI to amplify human brilliance.

Ben Hunt

Ben Hunt began working with NLP and unstructured data models in 1988 for his Ph.D. research, and it's been the common thread through his academic, entrepreneurial and Wall Street careers. Ben started writing Epsilon Theory in 2013, which is also the same year he met Rusty Guinn. Together they are building something special at Second Foundation Partners, where Ben is the Chief Investment Officer. Ben also chairs Fable, the 501-c-3 organization that sponsors Epsilon Connect.

Brian Portnoy

Brian Portnoy is the founder of Shaping Wealth, a coaching and content platform inspiring financial wellbeing globally.

Dave Nadig

Dave Nadig is currently an Independent Financial Futurist and ETF Expert, with 30 years experience in theETF and Mutual Fund space. He was formerly CEO of ETF.com, Director of Research at FactSet and Financial Futurist for recently sold VettaFi.

David Gustin

Having led a 27+ year career in research and advisory within B2B working capital, trade finance, and supply chain finance, David Gustin has transitioned his focus towards healthspan. Nowadays, you'll find him hiking in the mountain and enjoying ocean activities, trying to maximize his 'Go-Go' years.

Elliot Blake

Elliot is a Managing Director at 13D where she focuses on research in empirical psychology and clinical neuroscience as well as the impact of technology on culture and young minds.

Filip Dousek

Filip Dousek was a founder and CEO of Stories.bi, a pioneering startup in AI-driven data analysis acquired by Workday, Inc. He is also the author of Flock Without Birds, a novel exploring subconscious mental models.

Grant Williams

Grant Williams is an author, interviewer, speaker and advisor, and a contributor to Epsilon Theory since 2016.

Kyla Scanlon

Kyla Scanlon is the founder of a financial education company, Bread and a creator. She writes a weekly newsletter, makes YouTube videos, hosts the “Let’s Appreciate” podcast, and posts almost daily short form videos about the economy and markets. Her first book, In This Economy, serves as an introduction to all the wild and wacky economic terms. She has worked with Bloomberg Opinion, New York Magazine, the Financial Times, New York Magazine, and the New York Times, as well as many other major publications. Her main goal is to conduct human-centric economic analysis to help connect the dots between what is happening and why it is happening.

Mark Desjardins

Mark Desjardins has served for over 30 years as an educator and administrator at some of the country’s most selective private schools. He has also served as a board member of multiple non-profit educational organizations, including charter schools and teacher preparation programs.

Matt Zeigler

Writing/YouTube at Cultish Creative, Managing Director at Sunpointe Investments, and Epsilon Theory Contributor

Rafael Mayer

Rafa is the co-founder of the Foundation for Applied Bio Linguistic Exploration (FABLE) and CEO of Khronos LLC. As an EMT with the Pound Ridge Ambulance Corps and Board Chair of KIPP Academy, he is dedicated to community service and education reform. He lives in Pound Ridge, NY, where he explores AI and the nature of consciousness and enjoys playing his bass.

Rajiv Vinnakota

A pioneering social entrepreneur, Rajiv Vinnakota serves as President of the Institute for Citizens & Scholars, leading its mission to cultivate the talent, ideas, and networks that develop lifelong, effective citizens. To that end, he works tirelessly to build relationships with the partners and sponsors without whom Citizens & Scholars could not succeed, while at the same time fostering a strong organizational culture focused on American civic values.

Richard Smith

Husband and father, systems scientist, founder of TradeStops.com and RiskSmith.com.  Currently Exec Chairman of Foundation for the Study of Cycles (cycles.org).  Interested in living systems and passionate about life itself.  Concerned with our externalization of nearly everything.  Looking to work with others to develop human-centric culture and technology.

Rusty Guinn

Rusty is the co-founder and CEO of Second Foundation Partners and an author at Epsilon Theory since 2017. He studies the history and science of narrative from his family orchard in Fairfield, Connecticut, where he lives with his wife and three children.

Scott Bradlee

Scott Bradlee is a musician and founder of Postmodern Jukebox, a globally-touring concert experience that reworks modern pop hits into classic 20th century styles like jazz, swing, and Motown.

Steve Lindemann

Dr. Steve Lindemann is the Philip E. Nelson Endowed Chair in Food Science and an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science at Purdue University, with secondary appointments in Nutrition Science and Biological Sciences. He is a microbiologist by training and his research focuses on dietary approaches to modulate the gut microbiome for health.

Tom Morgan

Tom is the Co-Founder of The Leading Edge, a network and community for personal transformation in an age of crisis.